Mahabharata Series -2 | Contradictions in the epic

There are many stories and events in the Mahabharata that appear to contradict each other.

Some stories urge us to embrace life, while some other suggest we give it up. Some stories recommend rituals while some others point to their futility.

Why does the epic present such contradictory ideas ? And how do we understand them?

Listen in to know the how and the why and also find the secret thread that binds these varied ideas together to make the epic work like a single, unified text!

Gems & Jewellery in Indian Mythology

India, since ancient times, has been a gold-crazy country. For all the spices, silks and muslin it traded with the Roman empire, India received its payment in gold.

At a point in time, so much of gold was flowing out of the Roman empire for settling balance of payments with India that, a Roman senator feared that his empire would go bankrupt!

With so much love for gold, it is hardly surprising that jewellery had an important role to play in our stories.

Watch the video to find out how gold and jewellery have been used with great imagination and creativity in out stories!

Why is Krishna blue?

Why is Krishna blue, is a question that we have all asked sometime in our childhood. It turns out that Krishna was not always blue.

Krishna, Indologists believe, may have been a pastoral deity, which explains why he is depicted with cows, donning peacock feathers and playing the flute, an instrument of the forest.

Krishna is also among the oldest deities known to us. So, his form and iconography have changed significantly over the centuries, when his skin colour changed from black to indigo to blue,

Check the journey of Krishna over the centuries and find out how he turned blue by playing the video!