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The sky as our teacher…

4 festivals, 3 epics, 2 nations, 1 god

A Pongal Special! 4 festivals: Bhogi, Indra Vizha, Indra Dhwaja Maha, Indra Jatra 3 epics: Mahabharata, Silapadhigaram, Manimekalai 2 nations: India, Nepal 1 God: Indra, of course! And 3 stories that connect the dots.

The Many Faces of Karna

Karna’s complex character has been dissected and explored by several playwrights and writers over two millennia. This video explores what it means to be Karna as seen through the eyes of his fandom. Check it out!

Did Draupadi secretly love Karna?

Did Draupadi secretly love Karna? That is what popular imagination would have us believe. But was it Vyasa’s truth? Or a secret wish of the people? Watch the video to find out more about where the video comes from!

Enter Karna…

Karna is one of the most nuanced characters created by Vyasa. He crafts the character of Karna so finely making Karna one of the greatest tragic heroes of all times. Check out how, when and where Karna enters the epic’s story and changes its course forever….

Mahabharata: The Epic and the Nation – Not a book review

Several hundred books have been written about the Mahabharata. Why one more? Is there place for another sensible read? These are questions that often plague me when people ask me to write a book. Any book. Do I have anything new to say, anything worth saying, anything that has not been said before? But with…

Arjuna, the iconic hero of the Mahabharata

The Mahabharata refers to Arjuna using 14 different names. One of which is Savyasachi. Do you know what the name means? Watch the YouTube video for the answer and to know what makes Arjuna the iconic hero of the epic.

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